The Subscriptions page allows you to view and manage all of your active subscriptions for Siimple sites and domains. From this page, you can see important details about each subscription, including the site/domain, the subscription plan, and the associated cost.

Viewing Subscription Details

The Subscriptions table displays the following information for each of your active subscriptions:

  • Site: The name or title of the site associated with the subscription.
  • Domain: The domain URL for the subscribed site.
  • Plan: The specific subscription plan you’ve purchased for that site (e.g., Simple Site Subscription).
  • Cost: The recurring cost for the subscription, shown on a monthly or yearly basis depending on your billing cycle.

Managing Subscriptions

For each subscription listed, you’ll have access to one or more options represented by icons on the right side of the table row:

  • Manage Site: This option allows you to access the administration area for the associated site, where you can make content updates, configure settings, and more.
  • Manage Subscription: Click this option to view or modify details about your subscription plan, payment method, billing cycle, and other subscription-specific settings.