Every Siimple site is made up of sections. Sections are the building blocks of your site. They are the different parts of your site that you can customize and edit freely.

Manage Sections

You can manage the sections on your Siimple site by using the Sections button at the top of the Site Editor.

All sections except the Navigation, Header Section and Footer Section can be moved around and customized. You can add new sections and remove sections here as well.

Add Sections

To add a new section, click the Add Section button. You can then choose from a list of available sections to add to your site.

Restyle Sections

Sections can be magically restyled to apply a new style to the section, giving it a fresh look. You can restyle a section as many times as you like by hovering over the section and clicking the Restyle button.

Customize Sections

Sections can be customized to change the content by hovering over the section and clicking the Customize button.